2022 X-Trainer

The 2022 Beta 300 Xtrainer has a slightly lower seat height (35.8 inches compared to 36.6 inches for a Beta 300 RR) and half-inch shorter wheelbase. It has the same 12.6 inches of ground clearance as the RR models, but the footpegs are a little over a half inch lower. The 292cc two-stroke engine is tuned for mellower power delivery, primarily via the exhaust pipe that is noticeably smaller in diameter than what comes on the more racey RR model Betas. All of this makes the bike easy to ride and provides the confidence to tackle more difficult terrain. That may be a dirt road for a beginner or a gnarly trail or hard enduro event for a more experienced rider. Like the Beta RR models, the 292cc two-stroke utilizes a six-speed transmission and includes a two-position power switch (Sun and Rain modes). It utilizes a 36mm Keihin PWK carburetor and oil-injection system, so you don’t need to mix oil in the fuel. This simple feature is really appreciated as you don’t need to have separate gas cans for four-stroke bikes with friends or family.

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