2015 X-Trainer

Beta, an Italian company known for its observed trials motorcycles and enduro-racing bikes (with some competition-based dual sport bikes thrown in), didn’t take the obvious route of trying to combine its trials and enduro bikes for the Xtrainer. Instead, the Beta Xtrainer 300 is a scaled down – 10-percent according to Beta – enduro bike that has little in common with Beta’s trials bikes.Starting with the motor, the Xtrainer shares the same powerplant with the potent 300 RR, though in a tamer state of tune to give it a smoother power delivery. The engine itself is a 293cc two-stroke, with a reed valve intake and Beta Progressive Valve adjustable powervalve. Compared to the RR, the Xtrainer has a lower compression (11.3:1 rather than 12:1) and a more torque-friend expansion chamber.

2015 X-Trainer by Category