2020 250/300 RR & Race Ed. 2-Stroke

The all-new frame features redesigned geometry and enhanced rigidity for improved agility and stability. Weight has been shaved and durability increased with precision-cast components, and vibration has been reduced via new head bolts. The frame is thinner, targeting maneuverability in technical off-road terrain. It is narrower at the base, which improves handling over difficult sections and typical off-road tracks. The subframe is an all-new composite design, which is stronger and now houses the air filter, electronics (battery) and oil reservoir for the oil injection. The bike sports new, wider aluminum footpegs, built-in grab handles in the subframe and a unique push-button removal system for the new seat, plus a more ergonomically friendly and larger-capacity fuel tank (2.55 gallons). The brakes are Nissin, and the tires are Michelins, with the rear being a shorter-knobbed Eco tire. Sachs components are used again for both suspension ends, though they have been totally revised. The inner cartridge is new, lowering the center of gravity, and is valved for greater plushness and improved action on square-edged hits. On-the-fly adjustments are made easier, since the compression, rebound and preload adjusters are all on top of the fork. The Sachs shock is lighter and has been fit with a new top-out system that helps the rear tire maintain traction. The compression valving is more progressive, and a new shock bumper helps with bottoming resistance.

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