2017 250/300 RR & Race Ed. 2-Stroke

2017 Beta 300 RR As for riding the bike, this 300 has great low-end torque and is happy to lug around. The delivery is not violent, just smooth and strong. We were told that thThe Sachs fork, with 5mm more travel for 2017, is an open cartridge fork that has a relatively smooth progression throughout the stroke. On our 300, we noticed that iThe Sachs shock has a new compression adjuster, to improve both high and low speed sensitivity. The bike felt too springy initially, but we calmed it down by slowing the shock’s rebound and increasing high speed compression (we also increased the fork’s compression); this helped bring in some stability in fast, rough sections. The bike is really in its element in technical riding where it feels great – stable and giving the powerful motor good traction. Beta focused some chassis effort on centralizing mass, and good evidence of that is the location of the electric starter; it’s placed underneath the motor to lower the bike’s center of gravity. The Beta likes to be steered with the rear. That is, using body English and throttle more than the handlebar to initiate and flow through turns. The rear-weight bias sensation if great when lifting the front tire, but doesn’t make the Beta a quick-steering chassis.

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