2016 250/300 RR & Race Ed. 2-Stroke

Since 2013 Beta has been producing the two-stroke RR in 250cc and 300cc displacements. For 2016 the big news is the addition of computer controlled electronic oil injection. No more mixing the gas on your Beta two-stroke, you just pour oil into an airbox mounted tank and forget about it for about three tanks of gas. Additionally the ECU has been remapped for what Beta claims is an increase in top end power. The frame has a stronger top shock mount to improve strength while also altering the feel of the chassis. Water draining out of the air filter box has been improved and new air box cover fasteners that provide a more secure attachment. The Sachs front fork has been modified with an increased size cartridge bleed hole to allow better oil flow during bottoming with a longer spring guide to provide smoother action and a more durable top-out spring. They are now gold anodized as well. The odometer instrumentation is updated and integrates the lights indicating low oil level and separate oil injection system diagnostics. The grips have the Beta logo embossed in them now.

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