2014 250/300 RR & Race Ed. 2-Stroke

The now-red Beta 300 RR is a lot of bike for a comparatively reasonable price. Probably the most welcomed change is the larger 2.5-gallon fuel tank. Last year’s held just two gallons, which did nothing but make the off-road crowd angry. The tank is also translucent now, making it much easier to monitor fuel levels. Beta says the frame is new but its dimensions are the same. Gusseting, however, has been reworked to reduce frame stress in key areas. The Beta is again fitted with Sachs suspension components, front and rear. To improve performance over rocks and square edges, modifications were made to the fork’s internal cartridge, as well as valving, and to make damping adjustments and servicing easier, the fork caps have been redesigned. A new bleed-hole diameter with a tapered adjuster is said to allow for more precise rebound adjustment for the shock, which also gets a stiffer 5.2 kg/mm spring. The 300’s 293.1cc two-stroke motor, which features a 72mm x 72mm bore and stroke configuration and Beta’s Progressive Valve (BPV) case-reed-induction system with Moto Tassinari reeds is unchanged for 2014. Though it did get an oil-level plug on the clutch cover. Except for the button on the right handlebar, you’d never know that the Beta has electric starting – that’s because the starter motor is hidden inside the engine cases, which is a pretty cool design. In case it or the battery fails, however, there is a kick back up. Transmission is a six-speed, and the clutch is hydraulically operated. FMF supplies the 300 with its exhaust system. A spark arrestor, however, has been omitted. Of course, the Beta 300 RR is considered a closed-course machine and is not EPA legal.

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