2010 RR 4-Stroke

The Beta enduro bikes we’ve ridden in the past started with a KTM motor, and the Italian manufacturer built its own chassis around it. The combination resulted in the Beta RR machines – technical trail specialists with a heart of orange. As one of the most well-respected names among trials bike manufacturers, Beta has plenty of credibility in off-road. Still, the Austrian pedigree did a lot for the line of RR enduro machines. Nonetheless, Beta decided it was time to take on the challenge of creating its own unique power plants. The 2010 model year marks the introduction of the all-new all-Beta line of RR enduro machines, and lucky us, we were invited to a private ranch to come hit the trails on the only one in the country: the all-new 2010 Beta 450 RR.

2010 RR 4-Stroke by Category